The GAD committee strives to make available relevant, useful resources for PCVs serving in Morocco. All resources can be found on our public Google Drive. All of our resources are organized to match the Peace Corps Morocco Project Framework, and we have also included a Resource Guide with descriptions of each item to help guide you to specific topics.

If you have developed or adapted your own resource that would be useful for other PCVs, please let us know! We’ll review your resource for relevance, request revision as deemed appropriate, and make your resource available via Google Drive.


The GAD Committee is excited to announce the official English club manuals for GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) and BRO (Boys Respecting Others) are now available!

You can find the GLOW manual on the GAD public Google Drive in the GLOW Club Folder.

You can find the BRO manual on the GAD public Google Drive in the BRO Club Folder.




These resources have been developed by several generations of GAD committee membership and are available for download and use in your community.

If you use one of these toolkits at site, please: 1) let us know about it!  2) give us feedback about the materials and about your event; and 3) report it on your Volunteer Reporting Form (VRF).

Some currently available resources include:

  • Men as Partners Toolkit: This four-part series is aimed at establishing the need for male advocacy in the fight for gender equality. Also available in Arabic.
  • Self Esteem Toolkit: Designed to create a safe space for girls and young women to be able to embrace their emotions and express themselves to others.
  • Girls Education Toolkit: Includes three activities that focus on the impact of girls’ education. Also available in Arabic.
  • Acts of Equality – GAD and Theater: Includes a short list of important theatre vocabulary in Darija, a versatile directory of theatre games and activities that can be used in or out of GAD context, and ten 2.5-hour lessons on GAD through theatre.
  • Breaking the Silence About Sexual Harassment: Moroccans Speak Out! Video & Discussion Toolkit: This toolkit is for PCVs or community members to use with the three-part video series produced by GlobalGirl Media. Materials in English, Arabic, and French.
  • Additional Anti-Harassment Materials: Including the STOP Sexual Harassment Activities Toolkit.
  • Women and Girls 5k toolkit: This toolkit provides information on how to organize a successful 5K Run & Fun Walk in site. It includes sample programs to help both runners and walkers train for race day.
  • International Women’s and Men’s Day Toolkits: Be sure to check out these toolkits when brainstorming activities for International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day, held March 8th and November 19th respectively each year.
  • Moudawana (Family Law) Toolkit: Helps encourage conversation surrounding family law in Morocco as well as awareness of the diversity of opinions about it. Activity translation available in Arabic.
  • You Can Dream Video and Discussion Questions: This toolkit includes questions to accompany the video You Can Dream. This video and accompanying questions are meant to raise awareness about opportunities in education and employment for women in Morocco. Questions are available in English and Arabic.
  • Ramadan 2017 Iftar Table Question Series: Developed by the GAD committee to spark meaningful conversations while breaking fast with community members during Ramadan, these conversation starters are relevant any time of the year in both casual and formal spaces.



Developed by fellow PCVs and now RPCVs, Peace Corps, and other notable organizations, the following resources provide helpful information and inspiration to begin or continue GAD work at site.