• Peace Corps Trainees and Volunteers currently serving in Morocco
  • Moroccan counterparts, friends, and other persons interested in gender and development
  • Organizations or institutions interested in partnering with GAD Morocco
  • Prospective volunteers preparing to serve in Morocco
  • PCVs, especially Gender & Development or Gender Equality committee representatives, serving in other host countries
  • RPCVs and other friends of GAD Morocco



The GAD Committee exists primarily to support PCVs in their work on gender development issues in Morocco. Please tell us about:

YOUR EXPERIENCE. We want to know about successes and struggles you have experienced at site, especially as they pertain to gender.

HOW GAD CAN SUPPORT YOU. How we can further help you in your gender-related work and everyday interactions at site in Morocco? What kind of resources would be helpful?

Do you need to consult about your gender work in your site? Do you need some help facilitating workshops at your GLOW/BRO camp? Do you need help translating for your gender work? Fill out our CCT-PCV Match Program Google form and we can match you with GAD Morocco’s Cultural Consultants & Translators who can assist you with projects, questions of cultural sensitivity, translation, facilitation, and more.

RESOURCES TO SHARE. If you have a gender-related resource (i.e., an activity, toolkit, information packet) that would be beneficial to other PCVs in Morocco, we want to know about it! We will review and share publicly, if appropriate.

STORIES TO SHARE ON THE GAD BLOG. Have a story idea that would be great to post on the GAD Morocco Blog? We’d love to hear from you! We accept relevant articles by PCVs and Moroccan counterparts and friends and work alongside authors through the writing and editing process. Check out our GAD Blog Post Submission Guide for more information.

NOTE: If you are otherwise a friend of GAD Morocco who has a story idea, drop us a line. We’ll see if your ideas for a post align with the goals and objectives of the GAD Blog.

PARTNER WITH US. If you are an external organization working to advance gender equality within the Moroccan context, we would love to pursue opportunities for collaborations. Our partnerships take many forms and we are open to hearing ways GAD can help you or ways your organization can support GAD’s mission. Check out our Partners page for more information.




EMAIL US. Send your questions and comments to

FACEBOOK. We invite PCVs in Morocco as well as Moroccan counterparts to join the GAD Morocco Facebook group to discuss the work you’re doing, ask questions, share resources, and get inspired!

NOTE: This is a closed Facebook group. Only verified affiliates of Peace Corps Morocco will be accepted upon request.

CALL US. If you are a PCV in Morocco, you know who to call. Feel free to reach out. We’re here for you!

CONTACT FORM. Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with a member of the GAD Committee!