OUR HANDS: Cooking & Baking

Week 7 of Our Hands showcased Cooking and Baking by the culinary powerhouses of Morocco: women. By and large, preparing daily meals in Morocco falls on women's plates. Many women take great pride in this essential task, and have spent years, decades, and lifetimes perfecting staple dishes in Morocco such as tagine, couscous, and harira. Celebrations and … Continue reading OUR HANDS: Cooking & Baking


OUR HANDS: Rug Making

Week 5 of Our Hands focused on Moroccan women artisans through Rug Making. This art form is an ancient Moroccan tradition that has been passed down by generations of women and families across the country. Unlike most of today's goods created by machines, the rugs made by women in Morocco are the product of countless … Continue reading OUR HANDS: Rug Making

OUR HANDS: Education

The GAD Committee continues the Our Hands campaign to highlight women's work in Morocco with this week's theme: Education. Education in Morocco extends beyond the traditional school setting. Women pass down knowledge to Moroccan youth in a multitude of ways. Skills, traditions, and stories are shared and taught in associations, in women's centers and youth centers, … Continue reading OUR HANDS: Education

OUR HANDS: Clothing & Needlework

In the second week of the Our Hands campaign, we took a look at sewing, clothing-making, and needlework. Our Hands is a campaign that aims to highlight the unrecognized and undervalued labor of Moroccan women through hand imagery. Moroccan embroidery and needlework is largely considered a woman's task, and has been a part of the culture … Continue reading OUR HANDS: Clothing & Needlework