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The Gender and Development (GAD) Committee thanks the many individuals and organizations that support our mission to make young men and women more equal and active participants in Moroccan society. The GAD team believes a partnership is about more than just two groups that share a common goal. For us, a partnership means working together to identify and pursue natural bridges between the Volunteers who we represent and opportunities for collaboration to help achieve our shared mission of gender equality and empowerment.

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Casablanca Calling

Casablanca Calling is a feature-length documentary, which tells the story of a new generation of women in Morocco who have started working as official Muslim leaders, or Morchidat. In their work in mosques, schools, prisons and communities across Morocco, the Morchidat explore the teachings of Islam and separate them from prejudice and misunderstanding; they support the education of women and girls; and they encourage young people to build a better society.

The Casablanca Calling team has partnered with GAD to facilitate screenings in the communities of Peace Corps Volunteers and Moroccan counterparts. Casablanca Calling can stimulate discussion and action on many issues: the education of girls, early marriage, migration, men and women roles in society, and many other topics.

In a message from Director Rosa Rogers, she remarks: “It’s a film about change at ground level, in people’s homes, personal relationships and aspirations… On the journey of making this film, I had my ideas and preconceptions consistently challenged, reframed and expanded. I’d like the film to have the same effect on people who see it. I hope that it may challenge and reframe any audience preconceptions about gender roles within the teachings of Islam.”

For more information, visit the Casablanca Calling website.

Cultural Consultant and Translator (CCT) Program

GAD Morocco’s Cultural Consultant and Translation (CCT) team consists of select Moroccan volunteers who assist members of the GAD committee with developing culturally appropriate and relevant resources and trainings for Peace Corps Volunteers and Moroccan counterparts. CCT tasks may include assessing GAD-created materials for cultural sensitivity, co-facilitating presentations and workshops, creating and writing content for the GAD blog, creating new toolkits and resources for PCV and counterpart use, and translating documents from English to Darija, French, Tamazight, and/or Tashlheet.

CCT assistance on projects is primarily done remotely and online.  CCTs are unpaid volunteers who work on projects collaboratively with GAD members on a sporadic, as-needed basis. Applications for the CCT program are currently closed.

Girl Rising

Girl Rising is a powerful feature film and a global action campaign for girls’ education. The film spotlights the true stories of extraordinary girls around the world, striving beyond circumstance and overcoming impossible odds to reach their dreams. Girl Rising promotes a powerful truth: educating girls in the developing world can transform families, communities, and entire countries—and break the cycle of poverty in just one generation.

In addition, Girl Rising and the Pearson Foundation have collaborated to create this free curriculum to help educators engage students in meaningful theme-based lessons about the transformational power of girls’ education. GAD encourages its usage in conjunction with or as an extension to the issues raised in the film.

Please contact the GAD team at if interested in screening Girl Rising and report any impact to the Girl Rising team. For more information, visit the Girl Rising website.

Let Girls Learn

Let Girls Learn (LGL) helps adolescent girls attain a quality education and enables them to reach their full potential. In Morocco, just 58% of females are literate compared to 76% of their male counterparts. Greater gender equality will help to decrease the disparity between men and women in literacy.

As part of this initiative, GAD encourages Peace Corps Volunteers to address these challenges by empowering local leaders to put lasting community-led solutions in place. Peace Corps Volunteers in Morocco are eligible to apply to LGL funding sources (up to $2,500) through the PCGO portal. Project types may include, but are not limited to:

  • School related activities such as training local teachers on methods to incorporate gender awareness in the classroom, or promoting extracurricular programs that encourage girls to get involved in their community.
  • Improving infrastructure to ensure girls’ participation at school including safe spaces for girls to congregate and the construction or renovation of school latrines.
  • Supporting female role models and mentors by providing materials or programs such as training opportunities; leadership camps; and inter-generational behavior change programs.
  • Working with men and/or boys to create enabling environments for girls’ education and empowerment.

Let Girls Learn was launched by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in March 2015.

(Source: Peace Corps Partnership Program: Let Girls Learn Projects)

Mobilizing for Rights Associates (MRA)

MRA, Mobilising for Rights Associates, is an international non-profit women’s rights organization with operations based out of Rabat and currently working in Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. MRA (“woman” in Arabic) collaborates with local women’s rights activists and associations to contribute to changes in laws, structures, relationships and cultural norms to promote women’s full enjoyment of their human rights.

Mobilising for Rights partners with GAD to provide training and awareness workshops to Peace Corps Volunteers and Moroccan counterparts on Moroccan Moudawana laws during GAD’s annual Gender Advocacy Training workshop.

For more information, visit the MRA website.

Peace Corps Morocco Multi-Media Committee

The Multimedia Committee is a working group of four Peace Corps Volunteers, collaboratively working with volunteers and staff to create, organize, and distribute media for the purposes of technology education and youth development.  The work of the Multi-Media Committee includes helping with Volunteers with information, communication and technology requests, up-keeping Peace Corps Morocco virtual meeting spaces, and designing a media presence that positively reflects the community work of Volunteers and Moroccan counterparts.

The Multi-Media Committee supports and promotes the work of GAD by bolstering our online media presence through social media and making relevant media supportive of our mission available to share broadly. The Multi-Media Committee partnership also enables collaborative opportunities through workshops, training videos, and online resources to help assist with and overcome any technological difficulties as well as the execution of media-related projects.

For more information, visit the Multi-Media Committee page.

Peace Corps Morocco Supporting People with Special Needs (SPSN) Committee

The Supporting People with Special Needs (SPSN) Committee is a working group of six Peace Corps Volunteers focused on improving work with and for the special needs community of Morocco. The goals of the SPSN committee include establishing relationships between Volunteers, Peace Corps Washington, Moroccan organizations and international organizations working in the field of disability services; integrating people with special needs into Peace Corps’ work in Morocco within the sector of Youth Development; and helping volunteers promote and educate their communities about special needs issues through trainings, resources, and support.

GAD partners with the SPSN committee to collaborate on resource development and outreach strategies.

For more information, visit the SPSN website.

Peace Corps Morocco Volunteer Support Network

The Volunteer Support Network provides overall support to trainees, volunteers, and Peace Corps staff by organizing sessions at trainings and creating resources to promote diversity awareness both within the Peace Corps community and among host country nationals.

GAD and the VSN partner to execute relevant workshops and trainings related to Volunteer wellbeing and support.

Project Soar

Project Soar is a non-profit organization, co-founded in 2012 by American social entrepreneurs, with a Flagship location in Douar Ladaam, a semi-rural community twenty minutes outside of Marrakesh. They provide after-school sports and arts classes, health education, leadership and empowerment activities, and academic support to the immediate village, as well as the surrounding villages of Douar Taaonia and Douar Ahmed Bel Haj. Through a partnership with Peace Corps, they have expanded to satellite locations through Project Soar in a Box, which brings the curriculum, supplies and support of Project Soar to adolescent girls and communities in need throughout Morocco.

GAD partners with Project Soar to provide Peace Corps Volunteers with information, access, and support with a shared mission of empowering Moroccan adolescent girls to continue their education and achieve productive, fulfilled futures.

For more information, visit the Project Soar website.

We Will Rise

In CNN Films’ We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World, the First Lady, Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto and CNN’s Isha Sesay take a journey to Morocco and Liberia, where they meet young women overcoming incredible odds to change their lives.

“It’s about telling the stories of these girls and girls like them across the globe — not just their challenges and their struggles, but their dreams and their aspirations — which are big,” Michelle Obama said. “Their unrelenting bravery and determination … the miles they have to walk each day just to get to school. The hours they spend each night studying, making their families proud. Their refusal to give up, even in the face of some overwhelming odds that would stifle many of us.”

GAD works to promote We Will Rise and its participants. Please contact the GAD team at if interested in screening We Will Rise.