OUR HANDS: Bread Making

This week the Our Hands campaign focused on one of the most important parts of the Moroccan cultural experience: khobz (bread). Bread making is labor that is typically tasked to women in Morocco. Most meals in Morocco are served with bread, and it is customary to eat using your hands, usually with the bread as the vessel. The consumption of bread every day for almost every meal means that many women are expected to rise early in the morning to begin bread preparation, among other things. Although some neighborhoods have communal ovens where bread is prepared, bread is typically either made in individual homes or bought fresh from hanouts (small, local shops). Types of bread vary by region; some of the most popular varieties include batbot, msemn, baghrir, harcha, and mlwi.

Our first post came from PCV Rachael Diniega in the Sefrou region:

“Women at the bakery cooperative sell dozens of khubz (bread) every day, even more on Wednesday, the day of our weekly market.”

PCV Counterpart and a fellow CCT on the GAD Committee, Khadija El Barkaoui, submitted this photo from the Zagora region:

“My cousin makes fire not only to warm up when it’s cold, but also to cook delicious traditional bread for everyone! This bread is made in a natural oven made of branches of palm trees.”

Lastly, Aicha Tamiri, a PCV Counterpart from the Kelaa M’Gouna region, sent in this video of bread making:


Thank you to all who submitted photos! Keep following along on the GAD Instagram, and be sure to post your own photos using the hashtags #ourhands2018 and #gadmorocco.

Posted by Caroline Hayes


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